Extended deadline for ELTE BTK, TTK, SZTE BTK, BME VIK students: March 17, 2017, 11:59PM.

ELTE American Studies students (MA American Studies majors and BA students with an American Studies specialization): apply through the new, unified online application process, as all other eligible students. In the new system started in 2016, application deadlines and rules for American Studies students are the same as for all other students, as outlined below. American Studies majors should mark American Studies (not the broader term of Humanities) as their discipline in the online form.

Application requirements for students at BCE, SZTE, BME VIK and ELTE (including American Studies):

1. Minimum four semesters completed at time of departure to USA. ELTE, SZTE, BME: Both BA/BSc and MA/MSc students are eligible; BCE: only BA/BSc students.

2. Age limit: Applicants who are no older than 25 years at the application deadline are eligible.

3. Students must be enrolled at ELTE/SZTE/BME/BCE at the time of their application. Students in their final year are also eligible.

4. The applicant has not attended high school, college/university or any other academic program in the US or Canada for more than one academic semester in the last 2 years and the applicant has not attended high school, college/university or any other academic program for more than one year in the US or Canada in the last 5 years (as of date of application).

5. Minimum 4.2 cumulative average (science and engineering majors: 3.8) of all completed university courses, at any university or college. You will need to upload, as part of the online application form, an English language transcript  and two references (single pdf file)

NOTE ON GPA: To calculate your cumulative average for this application, you will need the non-weighted mean of all your grades. That is, credit points do not count: add all your grades and divide them by the total number of courses. All courses and all grades at any university or college you have ever attended should be included.

6. Minimum TOEFL test score of 100 (Internet-based), or its equivalent. Cambridge Proficiency and IELTS exams are also accepted, and so is a completed degree in American Studies. The Scholarship program offers an opportunity to take a language exam at a discounted price for those who do not have valid TOEFL scores.

If you take a language exam independently, make sure you have the results by January 31. If you want to take the language exam as part of the selection process, you should indicate your interest on the application form. The exam date is confirmed after all applications are received. The exam costs approximately $30. As the results cannot be used in other applications, we do not disclose test scores, only whether or not a candidate passed the examination.

7. Completed online application form, including transcript and references (single pdf file), an essay and a statement of purpose.


APPLICATION DEADLINE: January 31, 2PM. Extended deadline for ELTE BTK, TTK, SZTE BTK, BME VIK students: March 17, 2017, 11:59PM.




Typically 50 percent of applicants are invited via email to the first round of interviews. After the first round of interviews, shortlisted candidates are invited to the final round of interviews.


Present your own work. Neither plagiarism nor writing or editing by anyone other than the applicant will be accepted. Students found to have broken the integrity rules will be automatically disqualified.